I’ve been through a lot during my 16 years of living. I’ve been called cold hearted, insensitive, shallow… Cold hearted. So why is my heart so pure to his opaque one? Why did I feel the need to be with this monster of broken hearts? Like he was going to fix my problems. A boy may help you forget for the time being, but a man will help you get over it. So I’ve moved away from that door even though I’ve waited to long. I’ve opened a door to a new life and seen what I wanted. But because of the last place I’ve been I’m afraid to make that step to get what I want. Now what’s going through my head is “Do he like me back or is he playing me?” “Do he see me as everyone else or just like everyone else?” “What do he think about me?” ” Why do we play mind games?” and  “Why does he look at me like that? What’s going through that handsome head of his? Why do I feel this way when he looks at me with such intense eyes?” I wonder…


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