Minute man

Explore my mind, not my body.

Spark interest in my thoughts, not my looks.

I like those deep conversations about art and culture.

Take me out to the nicest art museum- spark my enthusiasm.

Don’t, don’t take me to your room the first day. You will be disappointed.
Nor to the movies and out to eat.

I am not your slave. I am your other half-act like it!
Pull me in how you want your daughter to be lured in.

Don’t expect me to always have your back if you don’t have it yourself.

Give to people what you want in return.

Think before you do.
Next time you want to go out? You’re planning it and it will be a night to remember and not in a bad way.

I am your other half.

Don’t bring me in your life if you don’t see eternity- if you don’t see me as your queen in your kingdom.

I am worth more than you think. Cherish me like the last diamond on this earth or someone else will.

I don’t have time for the games, nor the foolishness.

I am me and if you can’t love me more than I love myself then you can’t have me any less than the next.


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