Fed up

Please, please don’t look at me like that because before, before you knew you’d judged and you’d judged hard. Spat in my face, mocked my walk, friendship wasn’t key anymore. What is? What is key? The key to my self being, key to my life. You don’t deserve, you dot deserve me but I give you me. I give you this key to my life and you lose it. You lost it and gave it to someone else. Some stranger I don’t know. I don’t even know his last got damn name. Stop just stop with the damn lies I’m tired. I’m tired, I am sick and fucking tired of the bullshit! Cut it out.! Cut it out now. You’re losing, you’re losing me that’s called a loser. Leave just leave and never come back. I might think of you but just as a memory nothing more. Just leave as I’m gone for good.



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