Time Travel

2014 is now, I graduate 2015. I’m 16, where will I be at age 23? Damn time fly by fast. What will I do next? I’ve felt high, and I’ve been low. Which one will freeze me in place? I hope and pray I’ll be at that high peek so I can get away, help, give back, do something that hasn’t been done in my family. Change lives, but do it myself. No help, even though it doesn’t hurt to get some. Love, don’t want it now but someday when I’m stable; emotionally, mentally, and physically. Family, everyone wants one. Peace, everybody needs to find him but are they willing to? Me? I am. I will give my all to have him, just show me the way so I can be strong enough to past my test. Throw what you want, it might hit but I will still fight. I want to time travel to just be, be with his peace.



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