Late thoughts

Once you hit the true age of being a teenager; 16-19 life gets tough. You start to see things you thought you’d never see before, you have to start making sacrifices and the people that should be there for you never really was. Right now I’m 16 going on 29 that’s how fast life is moving for me. I’m starting to lose myself and no one notices. Why? ‘Cause no one is there for you. I work, go to school, and I’m still trying to find myself. I’m tired, I’m so tired I can collapse- fall on my face never wake up and no one would notice until they need something. I can’t take it no more and I’m so tired of this, I just want to stop in my tracks and let my childhood catch up with me. They say never give up. It’s not giving up, it’s finding yourself I believe. We have to learn the difference or we would always settle for less. Moral of the story use you time wisely and keep your mouth closed and ears and eyes open at all times or you’ll never find what read makes you happy.



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