Butterfly fly!

So that’s what you’re going to do? Treat your daughter worse than you been treated by your father? She’s a baby. A damn baby! Have a heart, take mine if you have to. Just-just love that baby with your all. Yea, your father was never here but your mother did everything she could for you and look how you treat her. Walk lightly around you, just so you won’t snap as easy as a really thin old twig.

Snap on your daughter at the age of one. Mommy! is what she yells at the age of two, just to get your attention. Yell at her to give your attention to her. Is it the drugs that does it? Lose memory. Where is she right now huh?.. Where is she?! Not with you, she’s with me! She’s with your mother, your grandmother. Oh no she’s with a nigga she barely know trying to fill that hole you and her father left exposed with the yearning sensation for love and affection. Where are you? Where are you huh?! Getting highed up upstairs? I don’t know maybe worse!! Where am I? Trying to find my baby that I wished was really mine…

“Miya, baby please come here, don’t do that. Please fly away, fly as far as you can. Fly so far your wings start to hurt. Fly so far I become a tiny siluate but don’t look back baby girl . Just fly butterfly. Your time has come to get away. Don’t stay”



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