What is Poetry?

I was thinking about “Louder than a BOMB” poetry slam; all I can really think of now days.

Everyone was shouting and yelling about pain and how everything isn’t right/fair. What is poetry?

“It’s not fair! Do you see what I go through?! Do you see my stainless tears.” Is what’s said by every last person that touched that mic. What is poetry?

What about, “oh the lovely smell of roses as they blossom to the sun” or “the song the waves sing to me when it crashes on the shore is a bliss of freedom. What is poetry?

We cry and fuss about what we don’t have and how bad we’re hurting, but what about what’s in FRONT of us? What about the love that radiates off of your parent or guardian even friend when they hug you, just when you need it the most. What about us breathing another day instead of being the lucky one who’s not able to see a tomorrow, soon to be today. We worry about the big things and not the little instead of fighting to keep the little but I’m still wondering, What is poetry?



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