What is the meaning of Love?

Everyone yearn to be loved, and don’t know what it is. How can you ever love when you’ve never been loved? How can you show love if no one has ever taught you how it feels to be loved?

We all think just by saying “I love you” it will soon come true, or that we truly mean it when we all just LOVE the fact that it’s someone there. Love? Is a strong four letter word and it comes from within not just how you’re feeling at that moment. Love? Is when you have passionate affection for someone. You’ll know-you’ll feel it like in the pit of your stomach like it hurts. You’ll be scared, not just to lose that person but to know that whatever you fell in love with doesn’t feel the same
or can never feel the same.
True love is missing that person as soon as you leave their sight because you feel incomplete.
What is Love to you?20140718-140625-50785552.jpg


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