Frozen Wounds❄️

Growing up feeling hurt and pain, you start to get scared- shaken up as this hurt is what we call ice so each day ice is being thrown at you and sticking, and this pain is what we call a knife and it’s cutting right through you and leaving scars. 17 years and now you’re walking around cold with opened wounds. How does it feel during winter?

Every night when you step into that hot shower to warm yourself, to wash away the bad you feel free- alive I must say. You feel alone with the beautiful noise of the water beating your skin. But once you get out you’re cold again and those wounds start to hurt all over again, that hot water running down your cold skin is what keeps you sane-keeps you humble. One day some man will get on one knee, and as soon as he slides the ring on your hand- it shatters from your frozen fingers. Then you wonder what it will be like to stay warm to feel the love that’s coming from thee, but you don’t- you can’t. You’re just broken and alone wondering…



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