So what is it?

I am not your toy
I am not a dog
I will do as I please, when I please
If you can not except that then we can’t be.
No matter who, or what it was I’d excepted it for you
And you can’t return the same?
I do something you did that I forgave you for and sure as hell tried to forget, but you can’t simply say “let bygones be bygones for my best friend?!”
Oh! I see where I stand now
But YET! you say you don’t want to lose or friendship or you’ll forgive.
And I’m tired of them
You’re not gonna have me on a damn leash like I’m some type of dog you can control
I WILL be friends with whom I want to be friends with.
“Fuck them” you say since we’re “best friends”…
I don’t give a flying donkey’s ass who you’re cool with as long as we’re still best friends
But YET!! you can’t do the same for me.
Sometimes I just want to say FUCK IT! but we’re best friends and unlike you I cherish that and I don’t care what you do, how you do it, nor who you’re friends with.
But yet I can’t get it in return.
So what are we? You decide



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