What’s next?

In high school you go through stages. 9th grade you just want to fit in.
10th grade you realize a little more of who your friends are and who’s there just to be there.
11th grade you fall into wanting someone to really like you and a little bit of crushing and things get a little stressful.
Last but certainly not least 12th grade you get the feel of being an adult and you’re still trying to accept yourself. You try to stay strong and finish school even though you know your legs can give out on you at any giving moment. You talk to less people and the people you called best friend for so many years start to show you their true colors. Then you think to yourself if you really love that person like you think you do , then you should be able to accept what they have to offer.
But what if it puts you in a position you know you don’t want to be in.
What if it makes you question y’all friendship?
Was it all a lie?
Are you just a friend they think they can turn into a puppet that they can control?
Like what is it?
The years are only going by fast and this is your last one for this chapter.
So what will it be?



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