50 Shades of Dreams🌀

Awaken by a cool breeze from the penthouse top window

Covers, covered my bottom leaving my torso exposed to the sunlight

Hair scattered all over my pillow.

I snuggle closer to it and breath in deep- Mmm smells like his cologne

Eyes fluttered open, gaze around the room until I set my eyes on the sight before me

I check from the bottom to the top

Nice toned legs bare ’til the- bum covered in basketball shorts

Back shaped and curved in the right places

Arms so fit- not too big, nor too little,  just right to hold me in them

Neck nice and smooth and his head is cut in a fresh nice temp with nice flowing waves in his dark brown hair

He turns around to look at me with those deep brown eyes and whisper for me to accompany him on the balcony

As I get up I realize I’m only in my black floral laced boy-shorts

Skin naked to the cool spring day I saunter slowly into his arms and plant a soft lingering kiss to his lips of mine



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