Thoughts: Have intimacy with my mind and soul, to the point my body craves your enticing touch.
Like I’m your drug, 
I want you to unconsciously fall in love with my mind pattern, be paralyzed to the way my soul dances around freely in the meadow. 
Eyes roll back while your body shivers whenever you smell my scent or my lips slightly touch your skin.
Touch me like I’m a delicate flower that will fall apart at any sudden movement.
My mind is your rubik’s cube
 You want to stop mid-finish but you just can’t
Toy with my mind with your interest that has my heart pounding
Core so hot from your closeness 
Heat radiating- bodies merge together as one, we kinect
I place my lips near your ear then ask in a soft whisper how do you feel? 
While you shiver once more with a reply… 



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