My Angel…

They’ve once said the devil was once an angel, so are you the falling angel that came from above?

Feeling so right but I know it’s so wrong, my angel play this song that has my heart skip a beat. With the rhythm of my heart pattern keeping his blood running.

Running through my soul with his twisted ways like the blood in my twisted veins, but yet I feel so right in his arms? He make me think of comparing us to things like peanut butter, banana, and jelly sandwiches, and pretty matching footies. Things like two birds kissing the morning sky, singing a beautiful song in sync, or two happy puppies chasing one another, in nice cut spring grass. Or an old couple holding hands sitting close on a bench while feeding birds in the park, taking in the spring breeze while her head rest upon his shoulder smiling at one another. 

As you can see my angel reminds me of things that makes me happy on the inside. Things that brightens up my day and keeps me going. You see my angel shows me things I’ve never seen before and tell me all these words you’ve never heard of. But is it just the devil playing tricks on me? Pulling me in just to say jokes on me? So are you my angel or just another fling


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