So I fall

Slowly but surely I feel myself- I feel myself falling deeper and deeper into depression and I’m scared.

I’m scared and I don’t know what to do as I’ve been here before. I’ve once touched this place with my bare feet glued to the slowly dying moist grass.

 I fall-I fall trying to be happy in the beauty of nature I see before me. I fall as I try to keep myself from looking at the grass that use to be green. I fall because I fight everyday trying to protect my grass from black souls that turn things into black holes with bright eyes that turned cold. So I fall. 

My love for this grass- my grass is so strong that I will stand until my feet bleeds to protect it. No one sees it and it kills me. 

It kills me to know ones so close will never like to see you happy; no matter how hard you try to make them happy. It kills to beat yourself down and smile so everyone except and appreciate you. So I fall

I fall trying to stand tall, for those who knock you down time and time again. I fall trying not to open the door to depression but everyone pushes my back into it. So I’m close to falling through. 

My lovely grass please save me before it’s too late. I love you like more than anyone will


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