Shut Up!

Let me paint this picture for you. Shut up and listen…


Depression feels like you’re falling from a plane into the middle of the ocean; with no help around but once the ocean arms grab you they hold you tight and pull you into their friend- Leviathan. Shut up ad listen…


Anxiety feels like I’m locked in a stray jacket with 5 lock codes and a tightening torque around my neck which tightens EVERYtime I lose my breath.

*deep inhale*

Shut up! I’m straining through both, so YES I’m falling into this ocean with that stray jacket and torque getting tighter and you’re not there. Shut up and listen this is real. I AM real, and battling this everyday on my own; I’m slipping away. I’m not home anymore. My body has become just an empty shell; since that ocean snatched my soul away. I’m a huge mass with nobody there, but I AM here. Like the animals of the night that cry out to be heard with no one to listen, I am there. Like the rain in the clouds we never see until the pressure is to much to bare. I AM THERE *exhale*


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